Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Without Tops: A Wonderful Choice

Bathroom vanity cabinet without tops has been the choice for homeowners especially for them who have the top part of the vanity at home. The others choose this type of vanity to get a custom design. By having a vanity without tops, you can design the top part of the vanity based on your own tastes and desires. Of course, it will satisfy you more, and then you will have bathing session more comfortable. Moreover, if you decide to buy this type of vanity, you will save money from $50 to over $200 depends on the items.

Black and White Vanity without TopBlack and White Vanity without Top

Although without tops, this type of bathroom vanity looks elegant and extravagant. It does not need any difficult methods of installation. Because this vanity is not enclosed, it brings a beautiful unusual view; you can see the plumbing that is under the sink. This vanity is usually designed for small bathrooms. However, you also can get bathroom vanity without tops for larger bathroom. This bathroom vanity cabinet usually comes in a complete package with mirror and sinks. There are many styles offered, from classic vintage to highly modern. If you do not have enough space, you can choose the vanity with wall-mounted sink. Bathroom vanity cabinets without tops are the best choice to get your own taste and sense of aesthetics.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Cabinet without Tops

American Standard Vanity Type 9630 024 316American Standard Vanity Type  9630-024-316-rw-91591-342732

The first type of the cabinet is American Standard 9630.024.316. It is one of the most popular bathroom vanity cabinets without tops that you can get in the market. This vanity cabinet comes in an attractive autumn cherry color. This vanity is made of Jefferson Classic Traditional Style Vanity Birchwood’s carving and reveals a classical traditional style. It has 24” in width, 20” in length and 32” in height. It is not too heavy with only 50 pounds in the size. If you choose this cabinet, you will amaze because the durability is awesome.

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American Standard Vanity CabinetsAmerican Standard Vanity Cabinets

The second choice for vanity cabinet without tops is American Standard 9437.200.310 Cascada Three-Drawer Vanity without Lavatory Top. It is a brand new product, which is being looked for many homeowners because of the functionality. It is very complete with three large drawers for storage. It is also made of Birchwood that shows the traditional style of the vanity.

Bathroom vanity cabinets without tops are known to give an excellent touch to your bathroom, especially for a small bathroom to get a neat and fresh look.