Bathroom Remodel Checklist: An Important Stage Of Remodeling Project

Bathroom remodel checklist is not a necessity, but it can be a helpful stuff to gather your ideas in one place. It can assist you to count the estimate time, cost, and effort involved. It also can help you to do your project smoothly and continuously from one-step to another steps. A complete checklist also helps a contractor price your bathroom more accurately and order materials efficiently. It is important to explore what you really like and want to achieve from your bathroom-remodeling project.

A Dream BathroomA Dream Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Checklist

The first thing you must put in your checklist is the design of your bathroom will be. You can use a digital design software programs or perhaps you will hire professional designer. You also can get ideas and search for samples and pictures of tiles, paints, fixtures and other materials from the internet and home improvement magazines.

The second thing you have to put in your checklist is permits. After you finish with your design, you need to get permits from your city or country. If you are using the services of contractors to do the project, you have to make sure that all permits are in order before the project is begun.

Bathroom Remodel ChecklistBathroom Remodel Checklist

The third list is walls. Make sure whether your bathroom-remodeling project involve moving walls or refinishing them. If you need to move the walls, this can be the first step of your remodeling project. You may want to add a new window or a door. It is suggested to plan this thing carefully.

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The fourth list is floors. Most bathroom-remodeling project involves some types of floor work. For example, if tub, toilet, or sink are to be moved, you will need plumbing changes and you have to make new holes in your floor. If this happened, you need new sub floors and probably move the walls.

Bathroom RemodelBathroom Remodel

The fifth order in the checklist is plumbing. To do this part, you must call for a licensed professional to get the best work.

The sixth order in the checklist is electrical. Some remodeling projects need changes in lighting fixtures. If it only changes a light bulb, you can do it by yourself. However, if you need to add lighting to a new part of the bathroom, it is not an easy thing and you need a professional electrician to do it.

The seventh thing that must be prepared is decorating your bathroom. after your walls and floors are done, plumbing and electricity are installed, fixtures and other parts of your bathroom get ready to put inside. It is time to decorate. It is better to pick a theme then find some accessories that are suitable with your time. It looks easy but you may not underestimate this part.

Bathroom remodel checklist must be written down completely. If you do it as well, your remodel project will go smoothly.